Abstract Apple Fruit Tree Impressionist Tapestry Wall Hanging, H37" x W53"

Abstract Apple Fruit Tree Impressionist Tapestry Wall Hanging, H37" x W53"
Item# CH7512


This tapestry wall hanging is called Abstract Apple Fruit Tree.

Size: H37" x W53"

Abstract Apple Fruit Tree woven tapestry features the work of famous artist Paul Ranson. This piece evokes memories and emotions by the way the colors are vivid and intense. The tree and plant flowers weave their way through the scene to provide a captivating visual interest. The entire scene is mysterious as the scene appears as a dream like state, in the sky, the yellow clouds, the fields and the leaves in the foreground, all creating a unique landscape. This deliberate use of shape and color is a artistic trick to induce a state of trance in the viewer as the viewer is no longer in familiar ground.
Jacquard woven
80% Cotton, 20% Viscose and Polyester blend.
- Brand New.

This gorgeous tapestry will create a new sense of charm and wonder in your home. Adds warmth and depth to any interior design. Decorate your home tastefully! Great addition to any tapestry collection.

* Rod and tassels are not included with the tapestry.

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