Tapestry Reproduction Morning In Pine Forest, Bear Tapestry From A Painting By Shishkin, H16" x W26"

Tapestry Reproduction Morning In Pine Forest, Bear Tapestry From A Painting By Shishkin, H16" x W26"
Item# A0283

This landscape tapestry is for anyone who loves animals and beatiful nature.

Size of the tapestry: 26" x 16".
Material: Cotton, Top Quality Machine Woven Tapestry, Extra Dense Fabric, Ready For Framing (Click here to see details), Brand New. We can make this tapestry ready for hanging on a rod. Click here to see details.

The tapestry The tapestry Morning In The Pine Forest is also available in size 32" x 20". Click here to see details.

The tapestry represents the famous bear painting Morning In The Pine Forest.

The landscape is painted by Ivan Shishkin. But the bears were added by another artist, Konstantin Savitsky. This is very unusual practice in art! No one really knows why Shishkin allowed Savitsky to add the bears, but now it is hard to imagine the painting without them.

Live Picture! The playful energy of the bear acts upon the natural stage. A thick hideaway that holds their family within a comforting zone of gigantic pine tree shadows. Fallen limbs as their native gymnasium. A mother watches as a mother does. She is both disciplinarian and comforter. Areas such as this are not as numerous as they once were. However, their special beauty cannot be forgotten...

As the cubs play under their mother's supervision, she keeps a watchful eye for any and all potential for danger. Hopefully, nothing will get in the way of the mother bear and her cub, because her maternal instincts will kick in and defend her cubs even if they are not in harm's way.

The bear is widely loved by people, and some say it has facial characteristics similar to humans (just like dogs).

Bring a part of the unexplored wilderness to your home with this wonderful tapestry!

Adds warmth and depth to any interior design. Decorate your home tastefully! Gorgeous wild life picture.

Tapestry Reproduction Morning In Pine Forest, Bear Tapestry From A Painting By Shishkin, 26in X 16in

Tapestry Reproduction Of The Famous Painting Morning In The Pine Forest - Bear Tapestry, Wild Life Landscape, Beautiful Wood Scenery

* Rod and tassels are not included with the tapestry.
** The sizes advertized are approximate (5%) due to the weaving specifics. If you need to know an exact size to fit your space please contact us and we can verify the size for you.

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