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We offer a comprehensive line of US and European tapestry wall hangings. In our wall tapestries collection you will find a wonderful mix of modern and traditional wall tapestries designs: medieval knight and castle wall tapestries, the famous Unicorn and William Morris tapestry series, fine art tapestry reproductions, contemporary abstract and ethnic designs, floral and still life tapestry wall hangings, romantic wall tapestries, retro and modern cityscapes, religious wall tapestry collection, nature and animal wall tapestry paintings from $9.99. Great source of domestic and European tapestry wall hangings at affordable prices!!!

We are particularly proud of our unique medieval tapestry wall hangings. If you are an art lover or a collector with taste for history, we share your love to valuable collectibles. Please visit our gallery of medieval tapestry wall hangings and you will be certainly surprised that it is not always necessary to pay as much as they look like. Our wall tapestries will really make a difference in your home. Bring beauty, tradition, and elegance to your room's decor or place of business!
Some important things that you may wish to know before shopping in Polycoat's tapestry store:
What tapestry is? What is the speciality of tapestry wall hangings?
How the classical home decor accents can fit to modern home interior design?
Are Polycoat's wall tapestries really the finest quality wall hangings?
Why our prices are lower than the average tapestry market prices?
Why it is really safe to buy from Polycoat?

- What tapestry is? What is the speciality of tapestry wall hangings?

Tapestry is a form of weaving that produces a textile with clearly defined and detailed images and a principal means of creating pictures through weaving.

The tapestry technique is unique because the wefts (threads on bobbins) are woven between the fixed warp threads only as far as each colour is required, instead of running all the way across the work from selvedge to selvedge.

Tapestry wall hangings are notable for their decorative appeal, strength, durability and versatility.

In the medieval ages, the noble used tapestry to reinforce their status and extend their influence. The Burgundian dukes were the first to give tapestries the status of hard currency, using them as ransom after several disastrous battles. The tapestries became desirable luxuries and collectable object to be brought out and displayed on great occasions.
Accolade by Leighton - One Of Our Medieval Tapestry  Wall Hangings


- How the classical home decor accents can fit to modern home interior design?

The art tapestry came from Ancient Egypt. The weaving principles were elaborated there. The earliest European tapestries were woven in German monasteries. The tapestries were used not only to decorate walls but also to keep heat upstairs. The art tapestry reached its fullest flower in the second half of the 15th - 18th century in Paris, France at first, then in Brussels, Belgium and was widely spread though whole Europe finally. Kings and nobles took their wall tapestries on their travels from castle to castle for reasons of comfort and prestige.

With the time the home decor fashion was changed. Not any traditional designed tapestry wall hanging can fit into the modern home interior standards.

That's why we try to collect not only classical style wall tapestry panels, but also search for some new original patterns, which can be suitable for both retro and modern home interior design. For example, one of our best selling medieval tapestries "Knight and Lady Riding Horses" is based on a painting by Rowena Morrill, the contemporary science-fiction and fantasy illustrator.

Whatever is your taste in home interior design, our collection of tapestry wall hangings can meet your needs.


- Are Polycoat's wall tapestries really the finest quality tapestry wall hangings?

All our wall tapestries are made in the USA and Europe, brand new and of excellent quality.

Some of them are reproductions of European museum pieces. We carry the wall tapestries manufactured in Belgium, France, Italy and some other European countries. These countries are widely known by their professional tapestry wall hangings makers for the centuries.

All Polycoat's wall tapestries are machine woven using the modern technologies.


- Why our prices are lower than the average tapestry market prices?

Many tapestry web sites claim affordable prices, but not all of them offer them in fact. Declaring that direct importing helps saving buyers' money, some wall tapestries sellers include unjustified extra high mark up in their prices. We purchase our tapestry wall hangings directly from manufacturers and from distributors as well. We do not look for the highest possible margins and sell our tapestries priced from $9.99.

We have reasonable prices because of the following:

- We don't aim at exaggeration of our product selection, but try to choose more carefully the wall tapestries that have unique design and have better prices. Since we do not carry thousands of different items, we do not incur high storage costs. However our product selection is large enough to meet any customers' needs.

- We do not try to work with the leading tapestry makers ONLY, but deal with the small European companies manufacturing tapestry wall hangings as well. This strategy allows us not only avoid brand name prices, but also to find some new unique wall tapestries that nobody else offers.

- We work smart on optimizing our logistic network. Currently we have several locations in the USA, Canada and Europe. Wherever we ship our wall tapestries from, we always charge the shipping cost as stated on our web site. Click here to learn more about our shipping options.

- We offer wall tapestries prepared for hanging on a rod, as well as unfinished tapestry panels. They last ones are ready for framing or to be used as upholstery (click here to see details). This allows us to offer several finishing options. If you are good in sewing, you will save your money finishing your tapestry yourself. We also provide finishing services and can make any our tapestry ready for hanging on a rod/pole at your request (click here to see details).


- Why it is really safe to buy from Polycoat?

We are glad to offer you:

- Secure online ordering;
- Our thirty days money-back guarantee.

Please click here to learn more about our Sales Policy and shipping options.


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* Rod and tassels are not included with the tapestry.
** The sizes advertized are approximate (5%) due to the weaving specifics. If you need to know an exact size to fit your space please contact us and we can verify the size for you.

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POLYCOAT 's European wall tapestries to your home decor.

We are glad to offer you a great way to decorate your house without having to spend a lot of money. We have a large selection of tapestry wall hangings imported from France, Belgium, Italy and some other European countries. We collect the best wall tapestries from different European manufacturers and sell them at affordable price. We carefully choose tapestry wall hangings from a wide variety of wall tapestry products presented on the market. We try to choose wall tapestries that are in harmony with the modern standards of home decor. Some of our tapestry wall hangings can be framed and fit well both traditional and modern home interiors.

We are particularly proud of our medieval wall tapestries. In our collection of medieval tapestry wall hangings you can find unique tapestry pictures. One of our best selling wall tapestries is the reproduction of The Accolade painting by Leighton. Bring romantic spirit of the old time with our medieval tapestry wall hangings.

Take your choice of tapestry wall hangings for your home decor or your place of business! Great gifts that everyone likes!

Any questions? Call us at 1-866-459-5771 or email us at sales@medievalwalltapestry.com.

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